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PDF Pagination in Workspace


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Sharing PDF's is great since it gives a right away picture of the insight. Problem is that the PDF seems to be always only one long, very long page. Would be great to be able to personalize the format of the PDF, such as the ability to add page breaks.



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I'd love to grab time with you to learn about where Workspace is falling short, and Tableau and GDS are filling in. Please message me your email address so we can setup some time to chat!




Hey everyone! We are actively researching and investigating how we can go about solving this problem. To that end, we've put together a survey with some questions around this topic and we would love your feedback.

Here is a link to the survey, please take it and provide as many details as possible:

Adobe Analytics--Workspace PDF Pagination Survey

We will leave the survey open for a week or so and please feel free to share with your colleagues to get their feedback too!



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Strongly support this. Quite odd that it's been asked for so many times by so many users, and it is still not on the roadmap.


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Ugh. How is this not a thing already? I'm just glad I found this thread and didn't spend more time trying to figure out why I couldn't accomplish something so basic as printing. Printing directly from workspace might be tough, but it wouldn't seem too awfully nuts to just let the user use the plus sign for inserting a panel and to have one of the panel types be a page break. Or just to have one of the configuration options on a panel to be a page break after. I'd rather have this than direct printing because I want to set up some automatic delivery of the PDFs where the recipient would be doing the printing out of Acrobat or out of Preview.


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This seriously needs to be implemented. I know printing a report may sound outdated, but it can be useful sometimes. Many teams get reports from Adobe Analytics directly to their inboxes, and the PDF is the only way for them to check data.


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Very important issue, especially when sharing reports with stakeholders who do not use AA themselves.

Also useful in the case that you have a longer report and want to compare numbers side by side. It is easier to sit with the data in front of you on printed pages and be able to compare without scrolling up and down and trying to remember by heart