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Analysis Workspace - PDF Pagination


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Firstly, love the improcements to Analysis Workspace and the overall menu changes throughout the Marketing Cloud, what a difference it's making to our teams already.

Are there any plans to improve the PDF output from Analysis Workspace either by splitting up the document up in to Pages or allowing users to define pages within a project?





We have been hearing this more and more and realize it's a high priority feature for many of you.  It is definitely on our roadmap and we are trying to figure out the best way to solve it so that it's scalable for everyone going forward (I wish it were a quick thing to add, but there are some tough thing to address when solving it).  We have not forgotten in and will continue to prioritize it as appropriate.




For anyone who still may be checking this idea...reposting this from PDF Pagination in Workspace

We are actively researching and investigating how we can go about solving this problem. To that end, we've put together a survey with some questions around this topic and we would love your feedback.

Here is a link to the survey, please take it and provide as many details as possible:

Adobe Analytics--Workspace PDF Pagination Survey

We will leave the survey open for a week or so and please feel free to share with your colleagues to get their feedback too!



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+1 for this idea - super important feature for many traditional companies, where customers are required to print and present reports.