PDF Pagination in Workspace

marion33678522 01-09-2017

Sharing PDF's is great since it gives a right away picture of the insight. Problem is that the PDF seems to be always only one long, very long page. Would be great to be able to personalize the format of the PDF, such as the ability to add page breaks.

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florianag 09-10-2017

STRONGLY supporting this issue.

Panels should be split in separate pages depending on their size and space on page; additional option to print in horizontal vs vertical layout would be a nice add, but second priority.

flynneski 11-10-2017

Pagination FTW!

JordanAbbott 11-10-2017

STRONGLY supporting this issue and the comments. For our purposes, the need for a good presentation of data for meeting with clients goes hand-in-hand with the analytics. As the analyst, I'm often asked to print out data on very short notice so being able to easily paginate/download into separate pages/print panels cleanly without cutting off or truncating would be a huge win!

In the meantime, does anyone have recommendations on what they use to organize/present data from AA?

Thanks for posting this!

philipps8535234 18-10-2017

I am also strongly supporting this issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know the idea is to be paperless. The Boss of my Boss just does not approve this idea

florianag 24-10-2017

It's not even for printing, even when scrolling through a PDF document, it's easier to click the right/left arrow to move across pages than to continuously scroll down

florianag 24-10-2017

The current printing option seems to just copy/paste whatever is on the screen when downloading the PDF. Consequently, if you change the width/height of your window, the report will be printed with that format. Illogical, yes. Still good to know especially if you work with a wide screen, where otherwise everything in the PDF is spread out on a 22:9 aspect ratio.


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KristiB1 23-08-2018

Can we get an official update from Adobe on this.  It has been YEARS and nothing has happened.  Unfortunately workspace is just not suitable for our needs and we have moved on to other tools such as Tableau and Google Data Studio.

MK71230963 27-08-2018

And made it possible to print in pages too


We have a few higher priority items that we are focused on right now (including multiple report suites, advanced query building, A4T lift & confidence, read-only permissions), but we do plan to tackle this one.

We have discussed a few different solutions and would like to meet with our customers to see which direction to take. If you are interested in participating in research calls for this one, please let me know! We will probably start those later this fall.