New and Repeat Visitors as a metric



Everywhere we have Visitors as a metric, we should also be able to pull in New Visitors and Repeat Visitors too!  That'd be really cool!

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We have this in Insight.  That may not be the product u are using.



@ Apat - that's really cool, I didn't know that existed in Insight!  Unfortunately, I'm using SiteCatalyst, which for some reason doesn't put much stock in New vs Repeat Visitors (There are a very limited number of reports in SiteCatalyst that report on this data)



There is the "Return Visits" report under "Visitor Retention" in SiteCatalyst. I just subtract the number of Return Visits from total Visits to get "New Visits".



Right, but now try to get that data at a Campaign level.  How can I see the percent of New Visits being driven by my campaigns?  Can't do it. 


Sure I can drill down to Visit Retention > Visit Number, but that's only for one specific campaign at a time.  How can I discover the campaign driving the highest percent of New Visits?  Can't.


That's why we should have New and Repeat as metrics. 


Finally, I'd like to see them at the Visit AND Visitor level.


By the way, New/Repeat Visits is a standard metric in ALL Google Analytics reports.



Agreed... we needed to implement and pay for a new events "new" & "repeat" to effectuate this.



I submitted an idea today to allow users to define calculated/derived metrics using segments. If that feature was implemented, you could define this custom report by creating calculated/derived metrics:

1. New Visits: Visits where visit #=1

2. Repeat Visits: Visits where visit #>1

3. % Visits News: [Visits where visit #=1] / Visits


You could then use those metrics in any report including the campaign report. etrics/idi-p/5653



Agreed it should be an out of the box metric, however I'm suprised the getNewRepeat plugin has not got a mention



I use "getNewRepeat" and then set a processing rule that fires an event when that variable = "new", and a different event when variable = "repeat". You can then create a custom metric, and display % repeat as a metric on all conversion reports.



Dan, that is a slick use of Processing Rules. Do you have ClientCare serialize the events so they are counted only once per visit? Or do you leave them unserialized and treat them as "New Visitor Page Views" and "Repeat Visitor Page Views?"



I don't serialize, because then I'd only get this info on landing page, right (unless I'm getting old and confused). I like to easily see which pages folks return to on the site, even if they came in via home page and then navigated to other content.


What I'd *really* like is if you guys made the native "visit number" variable available in processing rules - that way we wouldn't have to rely on a JS plugin at all, and we'd get 100% alignment with visit number variable and the repeat visit event.