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Dynamic Segmentation - Linking to Other Segments


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Apologies if this exists, but I cannot find it.

It would great if you had the ability to link segments to other segments so that if Segment B is dependent on Segment A, and Segment A changes, Segment B would inherit the changes.  See below for a use case in which I think this would be helpful.

Use Case: Funnel Analysis

Step 1: I create the following sequential segments.

1. Product Page

2. Product Page > Cart Add

3. Product Page > Cart Add > Cart

4. Product Page > Cart Add > Cart > Checkout

5. Product Page > Cart Add > Cart > Checkout > Order

Step 2: I create a report using these segments with the visits metrics to create a funnel.

This works really well for me.  The challenge I have is that I have 8000 + product categories on my site.   If I want to look at the same funnel for our 'Electronics' category I have to do the following:

Re-create each segment and add category logic:

1. Product Page (Electronics Segment)

2. Product Page (Electronics Segment) > Cart Add (Electronics Segment)

3. Product Page (Electronics Segment) > Cart Add (Electronics Segment) > Cart (Electronics Segment)

4. Product Page (Electronics Segment) > Cart Add (Electronics Segment) > Cart (Electronics Segment) > Checkout (Electronics Segment)

5. Product Page (Electronics Segment) > Cart Add (Electronics Segment) > Cart (Electronics Segment) > Checkout (Electronics Segment) > Order (Electronics Segment)

I cannot simply drop an Electronics Segment on Top because an Electronics product needs to exist at each step.  A Hit of Visit Segment does not support this analysis.  It will also be very time consuming to recreate this for every category.  Thus, the ability to have dynamic or linked segments would make this much more efficient.  What I propose:

In my electronics example, wiithin each segment, the electronics portion of the segment would be a link to a dynamic segment.  Within Analysis workspace (or other interface) I would be able to:

1. Select a different segment to use on the fly.  i.e. if I wanted to compare 2 different categories.

2. Save the segment to be a hard coded segment.  i.e. If the team responsible for electronics wanted to always have this segment for themseleves they could save it as there own with the configuration of their choosing.

The above allows an end user to simply select the correct segment rather than recreating  this multiple times for all categories.  They could do this quickly by making configration dynamic.





This doesn't exist, and it's a good idea. Basically what you're asking for I think is that, when you embed one segment inside another, make the segment's inclusion dynamic instead of static. Right now, you add the current segment definition, but it's not linked. Good idea which we will watch for votes and comments. 


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Was literally just about to right this as an idea, I'm having the same issue where I'm going to have to rebuilt about 30 segments which have segments nested within them.  What is also an issue is not knowing exactly which segments I have to update as there's no way of tracing where these changed segments are being used.




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I am voting for this one too.  This would be especially useful if someone is using OR conditions between existing, vetted segments that are already in use and wishes to have the newly-created parent segment dynamically update whenever any of the linked child segments are updated.  Perhaps this could be a checkbox option on the container when the child segment is dropped into the new segment (i.e., whether to edit the contents of the segment that was dropped into the new segment, with a cautionary message: "Are you sure?  Editing this segment will cause it to no longer be linked to or updated by the original segment from which it was created.")


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I agree that it should be an option to make it dynamic.  Someimes it is helpful to just copy an existing segment in a new one without having it change.


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Hi Benjamin,

this is really something that needs to be worked on! Calculated metrics (with segments) update automatically when the segment changes, but segments within segments not Smiley Sad .




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its ridiculous it doesn work this way already, since the "sub segment" keeps the naming when applied to the master segment. If it just applies the rule set for the embedded segment, it should only list the rule and not the original segment name. 


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Should be fixed. It just isn't expected behavior.

- if it is a copy, it should not bear the same name or the original 

- nested should be dynamic and NOT static

It is absolute no-brainer.


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For team work, it is essential that all team members have a basic set of "official" and approven segments at their disposal.

If changes need to be made to a basic segment, all segments that use it should also benefit from those changes directly!