Attribution modeling

cisco_webteam 21-08-2014

It would be nice to have an attribution modeling tool build on the existing marketing channels we setup in the marketing channel report.  While you are configuring channel, you also assign % of credits for each channel of the success events you selected.  This would be much better than what GA is currently providing.

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jaredbauer 21-08-2014

Rather than having first touch or last touch, I would like to see how my marketing efforts worked together. For example, maybe they visited the first time via banner ad, but came back via paid search to complete their conversion. If you could show, at minimum, the last two touches in order it could be a powerful report.

Michael_Sky 21-08-2014

Fully agree, there has to be more attribution models than first, last, linear and participation on the customer journey touchpoints


Interesting for us is

- U-model, where introducer and closer getting more attribution, influencing touch points lessumodel.jpg

- temporal model, the older the less


- or something individual.


I know there are tools supporting this different attribution methods.





michaels1727455 21-08-2014

Support multiple attribution models similar to Google Analytics:


It would be great to see Adobe introduce more functionality to help with the analysis of marketing attribution that goes beyond simple first/last touch.


Not everyone is ready to buy Insight, and unfortunately this is an area that SiteCatalyst is potentially not as strong as competitors.


There is definitely a growing interest inside our organisation around this kind of analysis and it would be fantastic if there was something on your road map around this that I could point to.

richard_h1 21-08-2014

We've tried to implement this via a plugin but it doesn't work correctly. This would be an insightful feature and something that's been available from Google for a while.

torontoseo6 21-08-2014

Definitly agree on multi touch attribution, but I see the implementation a little differently.


First touch and last touch are good, and there should be a third "touch" column. That third column should count everything in between first and last.


In our business we're focued on lead generation. I consider the first touch the "introducer". The last touch before conversion is the "closer". Everything in between is "influencing".


I would love to see the marketing channel overview show:

First Touch

Influencing Touches

Last Touch

benjamingaines2 22-08-2014
cisco_webteam 24-02-2015

Will this be release in around summit 2015?


We are actively working on major improvements to attribution in a release in the very near future (post-Summit 2015).