eVar label in Analysis Workspace




Hi everyone. Adobe recently removed the eVar label from the dimension column header in Analysis Workspace. We did this because our data shows that business users are often confused by the label of eVar and prop, and since many don't know what these labels mean, having them directly in the data like that could cause confusion. We'd love to get your thoughts on this: Good move which will help your colleagues work with data more confidently? Or bad move that makes it harder to tell what you're looking at? (NOTE: you can still see the eVar/prop labels on the left rail when dragging and dropping.)

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 10.43.57 AM.png





I hadn't even noticed the change, so guess that says something.  The info is available in the information balloon if you really need to know.  We also use the (vXX/cXX) labeling convention on our variables, so the change doesn't have much impact one way or another for us.





im not sure what to answer:

on one hand i love the new layout since it is easier for non-technical users to read the reports

on the other hand it is a mess for me: if i look at a report i too often have problems to see what dimension i took (especially when i have an evar/prop with the same name)

i already thought of renaming all the props/evars, so i am not really happy about that at all...

suggestion: why isn‘t there a info-button for dimensions (as for metrics)? this way i could see what dimension i‘ve used ... just an idea ...




We currently use abbreviated syntax in the variable names (e##,c##, and v## for events, props, and eVars respectively), but we are trying to move away from this to improve readability, discoverability, and intuitiveness of the analytics data. I agree in general with direction we are going in removing the labels, and keeping the label in the icon for the dimension seems to give analysts and power users what they need.