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Discrepancies between Activity Map plugin and AA


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Looking at a page of mine, one CTA has gotten 33 link clicks this month, according to the Activity Map Chrome plugin. However, if use the Activity Map Link dimension on that page in an AA project, it says I've gotten 17 link clicks in the same month-to-date time frame. Another link says 4 clicks in the plugin, and 1 click in AA.

Any thoughts on the possible source of the discrepancy? None of our experts can figure it out.


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Are there same filters in both plugin and AA ? can you send the screenshot of both ?


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This is what I'm looking at. Commerce1.png is the web app, Commerce2.png is the chrome plugin. Dates are the same, no segment, same button, but 17 clicks vs 33.



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Hi Mooreevan,

I have the same question. Also want to share my thoughts on the possible cause here:

1) I saw you used "Occurrences" for "Activity Map Link" measurement. Our system admin suggested us not to use this metric, as it counts both total numbers of page views and custom link events. Maybe you can use "activity link instances" instead?

2) When checking the "Activity map" plug in, I think it counts the visitor numbers. You can check this by using flow charts.

I am keen to learn from AA pro about the possible reasons.



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mooreevan​ i suggest you use the following items in your table

1) „activity map page“ (instead of „page“)

2) „activity map link“ for the breakdown (as you already used)

3) „activity map link instances (instead of „occurencies“)

now you should get the same numbers...

explanation: it‘s better to use „activity map page“ instead of „page“ because the information of the activity map is sent on the next regular server call. if the next call is a pageview, it‘s likely not the same page as where you have the link. and if it‘s a custom link there might be no „page“ on the server call...


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As to what URS alluded to.

If you use regular "Page name" report it will not align to the Activity map plugin numbers.

You need to take page name then via the activity map section find the Activity map pagename. Once you do that all numbers between it and your browser will match !



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@Nikki Xie

That was a good idea, if the issue was that the web app is combining links and pageviews, the web app would be a higher number. Currently the plugin is a higher number.


In the web app, I changed Page to Activity Map Page

I changed Occurrence to Activity Map Instance

The statistics did not change, they still do not agree with the plugin


I made these changes and the statistics have not changed. The web app and plugin still do not agree.

Thank you for your efforts! Unfortunately, my issue persists. Is there any difference in where the web app and plugin draw metrics? Or any possible differences in implementation that could lead to this?


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mooreevan​ i‘m surprised why it doesn‘t match together. basically, the plugin should use the same data as workspace, therefore you should be able to get the same numbers.

it‘s hard to say what might be an issue here. one more way to figure out what data the plugin uses could be to inspect the API calls while the plugin is loading data for the site. inspect the API call and try to find out what dimensions/metrics the plugin is using.

there is a small chance that the plugin is counting a few different links together, thinking it‘s the same link (based on the linkID). but this is just a „best guess“, not able to check it without access to page/analytics data ...


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That is a good point URS. Activity map often relates to links based on page code level build. Its not surprising things like common links or buttons can be grouped together and may skew apparently.

I just looked at your report try the breakdown of page(activity map page) by  then doing it Activity map link by region. I bet you have multiple version of button id in different regions.

I am able to match my workspace and plugin.


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For activity map page-> link report:

it should be instance based.(Its what I use and am able to match)

This may sound silly but did you match the same timeframe between activity map plugin and AA report?

In activity map you can do an export of the link usage which should match the AA version. Also you are not using a custom link on where the CTA fires are you?


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Thanks for the tips and help checking things before API work. Will look at that.