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Adobe Analytics Fall Release New Features info and feedback



The Adobe Analytics Fall release is out! Below are the details and resources that you might want to go through: 

Release Notes

Youtube Video

What's New PDF Document

New Features in Analytics


Intelligent Alerts

As the new alert system for all of Adobe Analytics, Intelligent Alerts let you create and manage alerts in Analysis Workspace, complete with alert preview and rule contribution. You can

  • Build alerts based on anomalies (90%, 95%, or 99% thresholds; % change; above/below).
  • Preview how often an alert will trigger.
  • Send alerts by e-mail or SMS with links to auto-generated Analysis Workspace projects.
  • Create "stacked" alerts that capture multiple metrics in a single alert.


Refer to Legacy Reports & Analytics alerts for more information on how legacy alerts are migrated.

Customer Journey (Fallout and Flow) in Analysis Workspace

The new Fallout feature bring funnel functionality to Analysis Workspace to enable you to build robust funnels with new visualizations and the inherent flexibility that Analysis Workspaceprovides.

The new Flow feature lets you view customer flow/journey through sites/apps via new, updated and flexible visualizations in Analysis Workspace. You can discover how customers are moving and progressing through their sites/apps.

More... on Fallout. More... on Flow.

Anomaly Detection and Contribution Analysis in Analysis Workspace

Lets you know if a change in trended data is significant, and what caused it.

Both Anomaly Detection and Contribution Analysis are now core workflows in Analysis Workspace. You can automatically detect statistically significant data anomalies in your data, then run Contribution Analysis against any daily anomaly and embed it in your Analysis Workspace project.

Important: Contribution Analysis is available only to Adobe Analytics Premium customers.


Custom Histograms in Analysis Workspace

The new histogram visualization in Analysis Workspace allows customers to visualize distributions of customer behavior quickly and easily. You can set up custom bucket sizes, starting bucket and number of buckets for the visualization and then automatically generate segments to address each bucket and generate a histogram. You can identify high-value or low-value users.


Starter Projects in Analysis Workspace

Starter Projects provide useful templates for common use cases.

When you open Workspace, you will see a number of Starter Projects in the left rail. They are grouped by the vertical or platform they belong to: Media, Mobile, Retail, and Web. They come pre-populated with different dimensions, segments, metrics, and visualizations, depending on the report suite. You can use these pre-populated templates as they are, or adapt them to your needs.


Other Analysis Workspace enhancements

  • Updated the look and feel of the left rail in Segment Builder and Calculated Metric Builder to look like Analysis Workspace.
  • Added “Count Repeat Instances” as a project level setting (Project > Project Info & Settings). This setting specifies whether repeat instances are counted in reports. If you have multiple sequential values for the same variable, you can count them either as one or as multiple instances of the variable.
  • Added a new button called "Apply to All Panels" next to "Cancel" and "Run" in the Calendar. Changed "Run" to "Apply". If you click the new button, it will not only change the selected date range for the current panel, but also for all other panels within the project.
  • Added an “Actions” button on the left navigation rail that features these actions: Tag, Favorite, Approve, Share (new!)Delete (new!).
  • Added a filter to the search bar that lets you filter on tags, favorites, approved items, and components.
  • Added a preview icon to static rows (not to dynamic rows which list dimension items) that lets you preview segments, metrics, date ranges.
  • Updated the YouTube link for Analysis Workspace tutorials to:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2tCx83mn7GuNnQdYGOtlyCu0V5mEZ8sS.
  • For visualizations, we added a right-click option called Start Over from the context menu (will work for Flow, Venn, Histogram), which deletes the configuration for the current visualization and opens a new panel where you can re-configure it.
  • A new visualization setting called "Legend Visible" lets you hide the filter details text for the Summary Number/Summary Change visualization.
  • A new visualization setting for Summary Change visualizations lets you “Show Difference” between 2 percentages. For non-percentage values, if you select the “Show Difference” option, it will show a number.
  • Adjusted the number of rows for time dimensions.

Updates to Permission Management

Admin > User Management > Groups

Administrator Access

Group membership is no longer required for administrators. By default, administrators now have access to all items (tools, dimensions, and metrics), as well as Web Service access, Report Builder, Activity Map, and Ad Hoc Analysis.

Custom Groups

Predefined groups are no longer used. All predefined groups have been replaced by custom groups of the same name. Administrators can delete these groups and create their own, as all settings that were previously available in the predefined groups are available for customization.

Use groups to grant or restrict access for non-administrative users. For example, you can delete all the migrated groups and replace them with a single group that grants access to Report Builder, Activity Map, Ad-Hoc Analysis, Reports & Analytics Access, Analysis Workspace Access, and so on.

See Changes to All Report Access below for more information.

Group Permissions

The Report Access section in Groups > Add New User Group has been streamlined to four categories, which enable you to customize permissions at a granular level. The new permission categories include:

  • Analytics Tools: Formerly Company Tools, includes General items (billing, logs, etc.), Company Management, Tools, Web Service Access, Report Builder, and Data Connectors integration. Privileges previously obtained from predefined groups are in this category. Existing, predefined groups have been added to this category.
  • Report Suite Tools: Includes report suite management, tools and reports, dashboard items, and so on.
  • Metrics: Includes traffic, conversion, custom events, solution events, and so on.
  • Dimensions:
    • eVars 1-250 are individually permissioned.
    • All traffic reports are dimensions.
    • Video & Mobile reports are dimensions, as well as other Analytics solutions reports (Experience Manager, Media Optimizer, Social, and do on.)
    • Pathing reports are available if a user has access to the parent dimension.
  • All current dimensions and metrics within custom groups have been automatically migrated to the new categories. If an existing group has metrics enabled, it will be given all newly permissionable dimensions (eVars and content aware) and metrics by default.

  • Classifications Importer (formerly, SAINT) permissions: Access to classifications is determined by access to the variable on which the classification is based.

For more information, see Administrative Product Changes for Fall 2016.

Changes to All Report Access

As part of the permission changes, a custom group has replaced the All Report Accesspredefined group. This custom group has access to:

  • All Dimensions
  • All Metrics
  • All Report Suites
  • Channel Report Permission
  • Anomaly Detection Report Permission
  • Real-Time Report Permission
  • Analysis Workspace Access Permission
  • Web Service Access
  • Reports & Analytics Access
  • Create/Curate Projects
  • Metric Creation
  • Segment Creation

At release, all customers will be migrated. Every user that used to be in All Report Access will be added to the new custom group.

Defunct Traffic Reports have been removed

These defunct reports will be removed:

  • Monthly Summary
  • Visitor Home Page
  • Netscape Plugins
  • Key Visitors
  • Pages Viewed By Key Visitors
  • Visitor Snapshot
  • DRM
  • Net Protocols
  • Java Version
  • Bookmark URL Length
  • Device Number Transmit
  • PTT
  • Decoration Mail Support
  • Information
  • Information Service

These reports:

  • Can still be accessed by Bookmarks.
  • Are not included in new Dimensions permission category.
  • Can no longer have their permissions edited.
  • Will retain access for custom groups with current access.

Report Builder 5.4

  • Better management and editing of segments across multiple requests. New options under Edit Multiple Requests let you add, remove, replace, and replace all segment(s) within multiple target requests.
  • New link to the Adobe Report Builder Community
  • Enhanced login security


SiteCatalyst 14 End of Life

After October 20, 2016, users will be unable to log in to SiteCatalyst 14. The User Interface will be completely offline. All users must log in to Adobe Analytics/SiteCatalyst 15. More...


10 Replies


Level 6

It looks like the 'edit' feature for segments is gone when you click the 'i' information button. No more 'pencil' shows up to edit. the only way I've found to edit a segment today is through the 'new' segment or through the segment manager. is this a bug or a new feature? This did happen about a year ago and took several months to fix. I hope it isn't that way again.



Hi Warren, 

This indeed looks like a bug to me, on my end the pencil icon seems to have disappeared inside 'Reports' but it is very much there inside Analysis Workspace. I would flag it to engineering, thanks for reporting this! It should get fixed soon this time. 



Level 6

It was originally customer care [Incident: 150918-000257] from September 2015. I reopened it and it is now customer care [Incident: 161021-000391]



UPDATE: This issue had been fixed and is scheduled to roll out in the November Maintenance Release


Level 2
Hi Tanmay,
I found there's a mistake in the tooltip help on the "Flow" component of Analytics Workspace.
It says, "This option determines if you would like to see the number of "Visits" or "Visitors" that progressed to each touchpoint."
But, I suppose the numbers shown up on Flow reports are of "Instances," not "Visits" nor "Visitors."
Some of my clients were confused about these numbers and asked me.
Would you please check it?



Hi Masaharu,

Thanks for bringing this up to our notice. Let me check it out and if that's really the case I would get it fixed. 



Level 2

Hi Tanmay,

I've noticed that histograms charts in Workspace don't seem to work with calculated metrics. I've tried to drag and drop them from the left hand side menu but without success so far. Would it be possible to fix it in the future please?

Many thanks!



Hi Ivonne, 

Yeah histograms are currently working only with native metrics. Although this is not a bug but how the capability is designed. It could be a good feature request. I would recommend you to go to the ideas exchange and raise it - http://ideas.omniture.com



Level 2

Thank you for your reply. I will raise this feature request on http://ideas.omniture.com

Best regards.


Level 5

Alerts don't work fine for us.

Email notifications for alerts now contain a link for report, this link is always broken and leads nowhere in our case. Must be a bug.