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Activity map - page details - Exits vs Exited Site


Level 2

Hi, in the 'Page Details' view of the Activity Map there are sometimes 2 distinct paths for 

- Exits

- Exited Site

What is the difference, if any?



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Hi David,

It could be Page Exits versus Site Exits however i am not very sure on that.


Level 6

No, because if you look  the details on the left of the page the 'exit count' aligns with 'exited site' on the right. and from what I can tell 'exits' is just the most popular link off the page. The number is correct if you compare to the page rendering and use 'Value' in the settings to get the absolute number. Also if you download the report and go to the 'Report: Page Flow Report - Page Exits - Next Pages' section you will see that 'exits' doesn't show up but the pagename of the page that has the most link clicks does and the value aligns with the activity map rendering of the number of clicks for the #1 link click.

I think its a BUG and needs to get fixed.

I have submitted a customer care ticket #160824-000192  about this bug


Level 2

This is the answer I got from Customer Care earlier:

"You can have multiple exits within a visit as in, during one visit I can leave your website multiple times and come back before the visit expires. All the exits will be counted, but when my visit expires- exited site will be shown as 1."

Which is not really convincing to me. I mean, why is session expiration handled differently here? And even if, why not just name it "session expiry" instead then?