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Workfront Kanban Boards: auto-create checklists?


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Hi, probably a wish more than a question but is anyone aware of a way to automate creation of checklist items in a ticket on a WF kanban board (as you might create a pre-defined set of tasks from a template in "normal" workfront)?

The use case I have in mind is as new tickets come onto the board, for a selection in the custom form within the issue to determine the path the ticket needs to follow through the board, and to create a checklist accordingly. If I were dealing with projects, I could definitely do this using Fusion, but I suspect the board functionality doesn't automate as smoothly as still feels quite buggy on other, more basic fronts.


So I know its hugely unlikely but thought I'd ask in case it was something anyone else had tried to tackle? Thanks, and as ever if I crack it I'll share my solution on here.

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This isn't possible with the use of issues on boards. However, it is (kind of) possible with the use of tasks. . . .


The recently released functionality to allow sub-tasks to appear on cards (which can act very similarly to a check list) would potentially meet this use case. You would need to convert your issues into a task or project and apply a project/task template to automate the creation of the sub-tasks.


You can read more on this here.


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