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Why are tasks appearing out of order in My Work List when everything looks okay on the Project Timeline?


Level 2

Our Designer likes to sort their work based on Project. If the Not Ready filter option gets selected, the tasks appear out of order. They're seeing tasks that are sorted incorrectly and I attached examples. Either the Design task will be at the very bottom or Final Proof tasks will jump before Version 1 Proof tasks.

It should be arranged, "Design, Version 1 Proofs, Final Proofs".

I'm not sure why this is happening because the Project Timeline is correct. Does anyone have a solution?


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Level 8

I've done some digging and can't find any documentation or clues in Workfront as to how the individual tasks and requests in the project group are sorted. Here's the article that was the most helpful: https://one.workfront.com/s/document-item?bundleId=the-new-workfront-experience&topicId=Content%2FWo...

I would suggest you just give support a call if you don't get a better answer here as soon as you like. They're great at helping users understand why Workfront does what Workfront does and can give you the logic behind the task/request sort inside the project groups.


Level 10

Hi - unfortunately, Workfront Home only has one sort. In the screenshot, your user is sorting by Project. After putting all the tasks of the same project together, Workfront Home does not do any additional sorting so it is just how it comes off the server/database.

To get it by due date, you would have to sort by planned completion date, but then it does mix up the projects if you have tasks due for more than one project on the same date.

I did find an innovation lab idea from 2018, if you want to upvote that: https://one.workfront.com/s/idea/0870z000000PSdPAAW/detail