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Two tasks with dates on the same line in a report


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Hello!  I am trying to create a report and having an issue on how to acheive it.

I am needing to have two tasks with their due dates on the same line so I can easily pull a comparision report.

So the columns would be:

Project Name, Project Owner, Task Name 1, Due Date of Task Name 1, Task Name 2, Due Date of Task Name 2, Cacluation of due date differences




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Level 2

I've used an expression like this with a collection column to Isolate a particular task from a list


valueexpression=IF(CONTAINS('First Word',{name})=true,IF(CONTAINS('Second Word',{name})=true,IF(CONTAINS('Third Word',{name})=true,CONCAT("Condensed Task Name - ",{plannedCompletionDate})," ")," ")," ")


There are some limitations. For each contains statement, you can only use one capitol sensitive word per statement. Also I had issues trying to nest more than 3-4 if statements. You would need to use this statement for each column. I don't think you would be able to create a calculation for the due date difference using this code. This would only solve your Task Name 1, Task Name 2 column problem


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Have you considered sharing columns? You can share columns to show multiple pieces of data in 1 column...https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/workfront/using/reporting/reports/custom-view-samples/view-m...

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