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Solving for reporting on multi objects - requests and tasks?


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Do we have an idea of the availability of reporting on multiple objects? 


We have a need that an end user will send a request via a queue OR someone may also need to request as part of an existing project. More specifically, we have a compliance review queue for users to submit requests for compliance approval. However, sometimes a need is identified as part of an existing project that compliance review is needed. 


I'm not sure of the best approach:

Can I create a report that pulls from both the same custom form fields that reside on a task or an issue?

Or, can I somehow (within a standalone project) have a user submit a request on said project that will route to the same path as the other queue?


I'm trying to solve for giving leadership an exportable format of ALL compliance reviews/approvals not two different reports. I'm also trying to solve for not having multiple separate processes - keeping all the work/review/approval thats part of an existing project IN the project. 

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Ah yes. Doing a search for this (again) and I wind up at my original thread. Pretty funny.