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Reviewers Not Able to Comment Once Stage is Locked


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How does anyone work around adding comments on a proof once the reviewers stage is locked. We have over 250 automated workflows and have always set each stage to lock once the decision is made on that stage. However, it seems it is locking out the reviewers so they are unable to collaborate with users on other stages that make comments. We have been using ProofHQ for 7 years but this problem seems to be escalating? Any suggestions?

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@PeggyGr  we've found 3 options, none of them really good, you may need to decide which is the least-bad route

  • unlocking that reviewer's stage when they let you know they need to make comments
  • moving that reviewer to the current open stage when they need to make comments
  • having them make their comments in the document's updates thread instead of in the proof. Unfortunately, those comments don't pass back to the proof, so whoever is reviewing comments has to check both the proof and the Updates. Here's an idea to fix that:  Reply to proof comment made on updates tab should feed to proof

I thought I had seen an idea to allow reviewers to reply to a proof comment they've been tagged in, even if their stage is locked, but I can't find it this morning


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Hi Heather,


Thanks for the ideas.

We are using the updates on the project, but not ideal as you said. We also unlock when the reviewers reach out but with hundreds of proof going through the system it is difficult to manage.  We have not tried moving the person to an unlocked stage, I may suggest this to our designers. 

Having a person on more than one stage would help with this. I know this has been suggested several times. 


This is just very frustrating, having used the proofing tool for so long and not seeing any significant improvements.