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Report to show assigned tasks by date assigned


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My team has a personal queue, however they can not tell when I project was assigned to them at a glance.
Is there a way to create a reports that shows the date I assigned the task or they claimed the task? I need them to work on jobs they've had the longest first - not by due dates.

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There's a couple of approaches you could take here. . .


Natively Workfront will capture the assignment/reassignment of tasks as a journal entry (if you view the system activity on a task, details of assignments are logged here). Therefore, a journal entry report might be enough to get what you need. You can read more on journal entry reports here


An alternative approach (and my preferred, since the reporting will be more flexible) would be to create a calculated field that is attached to your tasks that will record a timestamp of when a task was first assigned. 


In the below code example I have created a field called "Calculated Assignment Date" that will create a timestamp as soon as the task has a person assigned to it. Note that it will only capture the first assignment date, it will not update if the task is reassigned to another user


IF(ISBLANK({DE:Calculated Assignment Date}),IF(!ISBLANK({assignedToID}),$$NOW,""),{DE:Calculated Assignment Date})


Hope this helps!


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