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Report on Projects due <= $$NOW + 120D


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I'm trying to get a report to return projects with a Planned Due Date that are less than 120 days from now (ie including things that are overdue). Any help is appreciated. Less than or equal to Now plus 120 days makes logical sense to me, but I'm sure that syntax is wrong and I can't find how to write this.

This is my filter:



statusEquatesWith=CUR PLN




plannedCompletionDate=$$NOW + 120D



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Hi Jill,

at a quick glance I think you just need to remove the spaces



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Hi Heather Thanks for this but it didn’t work. Report is blank. When I change it to $$TODAY + 120D I get one project in the report that is due today so it’s not recognizing the +120D. I think also it might have to do with the modifier LT but I’ve tried GT, EQ and nothing works to get the span of projects that I want included in the report.


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Oh wait! It did work but using $$TODAY. Somehow in all my futzing around I had changed the modifier to EQ instead of LT and didn’t notice. Sigh‚Ķ thank you!!


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Hi Jill,

So I am going to walk through your filter to make sure I understand it.

You are looking for a project that is not in the portfolio with ID=59.....

Projects that have a status that equates with current or planning (not pending approval)

Projects that have a queue that is not public

Projects that have a planned completion date that is less than 120D from now.

A couple of questions: for planned completion date, have you tried the $$TODAY wildcard? I have seen cases where $$NOW does not seem to provide the right behavior. Also, your text above the filter says "less than or equal to", yet your filter is just less than. Should that be lte? Also, have you tried a lowercase d on 120d?

Let me know how this works out!


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I was going to suggest the lower case d as well, since that's how it's shown here


but I also went back to a report that I just created earlier this week that is working and I used D there.

Mine also uses lte since I wanted less than or equal to



one other thought I had was the number of days, is it too much for the system? Could you use 4m instead, the link above gives m for month



Hey Jill,

You should have no problems using $$TODAY+120d. 120d should be fine.

plannedCompletionDate=$$TODAY+120d plannedCompletionDate_Mod=lte