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Report for Document Requests that have not been completed


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Does anyone know how to run a report on Document Requests that have not been completed? I can get the ones that have been uploaded with a document report but it doesn't pull the "place holder" requests that have not been uploaded. It's technically not a Document or a Request so I'm unsure where to start for the object type. Kristy Musgrove Havertys
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I'm having the same issue! Sorry that this isn't helpful but I'm hoping this response will keep it fresh on the feed here so we can get some help! David Ammons


Level 5
David, Here is the advice from WF tech Support "You could reference the collection Document Requests on a Project report. You might be able to put an 'if' statement together to show the documentRequests only if the completionDate is null." I'm new to text mode so I'm still working with this. I created mine as a Task Report and used this in the filter to get just the doc requests but it is showing open and completed. documentRequests:description_Mod=notnull If you get some better text please share it! Kristy Musgrove Havertys


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Hi @Kristy Musgrove‚ I came across this question looking for a similar answer as well. I wanted to give you this code and see if this helps you any. We don't use document requests a ton so I don't have enough data on my end yet to know if this really works. When I first ran a report using the code above, it gave me 4 entries, and when I modified it to below, it cut my entries in half, one of them FOR SURE (because I'm the one who submitted it) being an active/not yet fulfilled request. That's the extent of my testing so far.

In a project report...

Filter tab

Text Mode