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"Updates" - is there a way to require a person to send the update to?


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My users sometimes forget or don't realize they didn't select the name of who to send the Update to. We never have any reason to post an update without notifying a specific person. Is there a setting we can turn on that would require a person's name to notify?

I don't believe there is based on what I could find, but am hoping I missed it.


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Hi Cheryl,

I'm afraid that there is no setting to force users to tag someone into an update. However, one setting you could consider is the 'Someone comments on a thread I am in' configuration (located under Preferences > Communication in users settings). This will ensure that if a user was included in the thread at some point, but is omitted from being tagged into future updates in that thread, they will still receive a notification.

Appreciate that this isn't exactly what you were looking for, but this setting might go some way to minimising the risk of notifications not being sent.

Best Regards,