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Queue setup for a specific company not working


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I have a project that is a request queue that used to work and now it doesn't. I recreated it from scratch and it still doesn't work so I'm hoping someone can tell me which little tick box I neglected to setup.

Project setup:

Project status set to Queue

Group External Users = same as the Users who should be able to use this Queue

Company set to "Australia Company"

Everyone gets the highest level of access where I can check it. Inherited permissions turned off.

Project shared with "Australia Company"

Inherited permissions deleted

Queue Details:

Publish as help request is checked.

People in this project's company "Australia Company" is checked

User profiles: those in "Australia Company" are properly setup to that company and all in the same group

When I login as one of the users from Australia Company, I get this error:

"That's strange -- no queues have been set up for you. Please contact your Workfront administrator and have them make sure you and the queues are properly set up."



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Hei @Jill Ackerman‚

We did the same set up, showing for a reference. Its working. May be a good idea to raise a customer support case.




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Thanks, I did call support and then it started to work properly. Once that started to populate properly, the next issue I was having where that one company was seeing ALL the queues, where I realized I had to go in and change all the other Queue Setups to not show it to "Everyone" but only to either my company, or a group I have where all my company is in it.


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You are correct @Jill Ackerman‚

But if you wants to connect different business entities in different countries, and any one submit , then earlier option is the best one.




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Adding to this post and I'm not sure this will be helpful but we set up queues for different company's but only share the Project (Queue) with the company and everything else remains in the Home company. In this case we are only sharing for making requests not fulfilling them. Additionally, this allows to share some queues with multiple companies and some with just specific companies.