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Public/Non-WF Users Access to Submitting a Request


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I believe this still is a limitation but we'd like to enable non-WF users to submit a request via a request queue. We aren't interested in provisioning each user as a stakeholder or auto-provisioning.

However, we would like to expand the functionality.

Has anyone figured out a workaround?

I know you can enable 'email requests' but the information doesn't make it into the custom form by that method.

For context purposes, I am exploring expanding this for our corporate compliance area who does receive communications from throughout the company that are not related to our marketing area.


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Church of Latter Day Saints gave a presentation one year at Leap showcasing how they used a website to get users to fill out a web form and then converted it to a project on the back end via API. If you have API support, you can probably do something similar here. There's also Fusion which would do a similar thing, maybe by watching a spreadsheet, or integrating with another app where they would fill out the form.


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Hi @skyehansen

Do you have any link about the showcase?




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We debated switching project management systems to SmartSheets in the past. They have a public request form link that can be sent to anyone for requests. I see a need for this and wonder why Workfront hasn't elevated this option to the top. There are times when I would like to send a link to a request form to our HR department to make a request instead of going in and setting them up with a requestor account which then will require me to get them set up with an SSO account (can take days if IT is busy) for one request. So instead, I have them fill out a Word DOC with request form types of questions and convert their email to me into a project.