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Projects not appearing in the search results


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Is anyone else experiencing projects missing from the search results when using the standard search function?





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Knowing what your search criteria is and what's not showing that should show, would help get an answer faster.

Most likely, it's a mistake in your search criteria. I don't think I've ever seen a search fail for no reason.


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This is something that is affecting lots of people.


We enter a reference number in the search function which picks up the project number detailed in the project title.  However, for random users and random projects, the results are not being returned in the list.  We have only encountered this issue relatively recently, therefore, this is not likely to be user error.


Any further ideas?


Community Advisor

Have your users tried doing quotes around their search criteria? That might help.


Also I would recommend making sure to select the search object where you want it to look for that search criteria. As systems grow and start to contain more data to look through these will be useful tips to help narrow your search and hopefully help return values. 









If you can find the intended result via the 'advanced search', but not the regular search, please submit a support ticket so we can assist in re-indexing the search function of your instance.