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Creative Team Process Flows & Off Shore Partners


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We work with an internal ad agency; having worked in creative agencies before, I very much understand the need to work quickly and under tight timelines.  As our company expands, our creative team has made it this year's goal to bring together their offshore partners and work as one agency.  As Workfront administrators, we are struggling to make this alignment due to the time zone limitations.  For instance, if the U.S. receives a task that is due Monday at 3 p.m. (EST) and the next task is due for India at 10 a.m. (IST); how do we show that in the same project template?  

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In each individual user you have the ability to set a timezone preference, do you take advantage of that feature?  I would assume that if you plan the project in your local timezone and you have your users configured into their localized timezones it should sync.  In other words I believe you would want each user info to reflect their specific timezone.


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User Schedules are the key here. Make sure each user has a schedule that reflects their timezone and holidays. The project timeline will honour this but the calendars will not (actually, they do but it's very misleading the way the calendars work with timezones).



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