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New Release Timesheet Issue


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Is anyone else having issues with the new timesheet release? I am having two major issues.

  • When adding projects/requests/tasks to timesheets you either need to create a filter that constantly needs to be updated every time you have new projects/requests/tasks to add OR you if you use the quick filter you need to paginate through pages and pages to find what you're looking for.
  • I've had several people who have had issues with time saving properly - probably due to a but with the autosave feature. I've had instances where the timesheet doesn't appear to save the time in the timesheet. When the time is re entered, it saves it, and displays correctly in the timesheet, but in the list view it displays the the time you entered previously in your timesheet that didn't appear to save, plus the new time you entered. E.g. I enter 8 hours, it doesn't look like it saved. I re-enter the 8 hours and then proceed to enter an additional 32 hours. My timesheet saves 40 hours but when I look at my timesheet in the list view it shows 48 hours have been saved.

Is anyone else having these issues? Does anyone have any solutions?


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Level 7

One of our users reported point #2, but I haven't seen it in action. So can't comment much on that. I have asked them to wait till "Auto-saved" at the bottom is confirmed.

However, I agree with point #1 - Users are struggling with it since the easier search functionality has been taken down.

Why are things always so difficult in Workfront??? It's like they add one good feature at the expense of another good feature which users are already used to.


Level 10

I wonder if the issue on bullet #2 is one I ran into myself: hitting return/enter does not commit the time entry, you must click-out or tab-out now.


Level 6

Hi @Tami_Gomez ,


we are experiencing tons of issues with timesheets. The latest one is that since today, the task type isn't selected anymore, which causes UI freezes.


But for your two topics:

  1. We have created a few filters/views/groupings to facilitate finding what users are looking for and have added them to the task list (via layout template):
    • Filters:
      • Timesheets: All Tasks
        Number of Children = 0; Project Status = Active; Task Status = Active
      • Timesheets: My & My Team's Tasks
        same as All Tasks + Assignment Users ID = $$USER.ID OR Team ID = $$USER.teamIDs
      • Timesheets: My Tasks
      • Timesheets: My Team's Tasks
  2. Here is a screencast on how we instructed our users to work around that issue: https://www.awesomescreenshot.com/video/10289114?key=52dcf15731d87967d14ccf45ee42bf45

Hope this helps and that we can soon move past those issues altogether... 


Level 1

We are also having several issues with the Timesheet app.  Several people have seen the exact issue you mentioned second.  Hours not saving properly, specifically after a "refresh" has caused hour times to be off.


We have also seen issues where comments do not stick.  Auto-Save says things have been saved, but exiting and coming back into TimeSheet shows the comments were lost.  Even after a simple "refresh" of the screen, comments that were previously saved, were deleted.


Finally, today (8/2) there are issues where hours will not save UNTIL a refresh is performed.  We need to enter hours against at task, do a "refresh", enter hours against a second task, do another refresh, etc.


There seem to be several issues with Timesheet, especially with "auto-save" not really saving things properly.