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My Tasks Showing Everyone Assigned to that Task


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In our projects we have multiple users/roles assigned to the same task.  In the my task widget in the new home, is there a way for a particular user to see just his or her task rather than seeing the names of everyone assigned to the same task as him?  Foe Example Task 1 is assigned to Johnny Joe, Amy Lou and Bobby Ray.  When Bobby Ray looks at My tasks, he only wants to see his name  in the assignment column and not everyone assigned to the tasks.  Is that possible?

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Hi, I don't think that is possible. When you have a filter on showing [my] tasks, it'll show tasks assigned to you/you + others, as it should, I don't think there is a way (or a solid use case, really) to hide the other names assigned on the same task(s) as you.

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By using a Layout Template, you can control the fields that are accessible via the My Project/Task/Issues widget and that includes adding both native and custom fields to the grid for that template. If you had a custom form on every task that had a calculated field on it that would always show the name of the logged in user, you could switch that field in place of the standard Assignments one. I'm not completely certain a formula can do that, but that's where I'd start testing if someone asked me for that feature.


That's a LOT of extra work though, so I'd need to have one heck of a justification for doing it and I honestly can't dream one up at the moment. Mostly I'd just say 'No, that's not a supported feature' and move on. It's completely ok for people to ask their admins for something they'd like, but that doesn't mean we have to meet every ask.


All of that being said, if they're using the 'My Tasks' widget, then the filter already inherently works correctly and they know if a task is in the list then it's assigned to them. If they really just hated seeing the list of extra people...I'd just turn off the column to save space in the grid!