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Making Dynamic Board Tags Persistent or Driven by Custom Form's Value


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When Using a Dynamic board our team uses intake filters to like an additional filter to help organize working in Sprints. However, we have encountered a challenge: when the board's intake filter is adjusted, all existing tags on individual tasks are removed. Is there a way to either:


1) Make the tags persistent so tasks to retain their tags, regardless of any changes made to the board's intake filter?

2) Develop a custom form for tagging assignment, where each task is associated with predefined tags. These tags would then dictate tag and the color displayed on the board, ensuring consistent and clear visual cues.




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Hi John, 


It looks like, at this time, this is intended behavior. This is called out in documentation here and here. I'd recommend giving feedback in our idea community so the product managers know what you would like to see added to the product in the future.