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Kanban Board - Missing Comments on Task Cards


Level 5

I have a Kanban board setup to view tasks as cards. The cards are all connected to projects.

If I add a comment to the card, I can see the comment in the Comments section of the card AND in the updates section of the task (back in the project itself).

However if I add a comment within the Updates section of the task (in the project) the comment is not viewable on the connected card on the Kanban board.

Does anyone know if this is normal behavior or am I experiencing a bug?

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Community Advisor

Are you using the new commenting experience in your tasks? Boards commenting only uses the new experience and I think there have been bugs with making a comment in the legacy commenting not showing in places that only use new commenting. I just made a comment in new commenting experience in the task updates of a connected task, and it showed in the comments area of the respective task card in my board...

If this helped you, please mark correct to help others : )


Level 10

I would add to Madelyn's comment and advice; Due to some incompatibilities between the old and new commenting, I would recommend everyone in your instance be on one or the other. IMO, the new commenting works well and I see no reason not to move everyone to that newer platform.