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Is there a way to let external users, without Workfront account, use request queue?


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We are looking for a way to allow people outside of our organization to submit requests. Is there anything like this, or workarounds, creative ideas on how to achieve this? Anyone has experience with that? 

Idea is to have separate request queue that's accessible to external users, and this would be the only item available to people without the account - they'd access it through shared direct link to the request queue.

Looking around and trying ideas ends up with account requirement, but most of those topics are pretty old, so I'm hoping there is a way nowadays to set it up. 

All the best,
Mateusz Golas
Senior Project Administrator
EPAM Systems


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Hi Mateusz,


This article explains how you can enable users to email an issue into a Request Queue project.


For best results, each submitter would have their own official Workfront userid, but (technically), this approach could accept requests from anyone privy to the (e.g. single free requester account) username / password.


Many years ago, we used the latter to post a "See something we should know about? Let us know at _____" sign at the entrance to a Workfront-enabled job sight that would then collect health and safety concerns within Workfront, being careful to also ask for the submitter's contact information for follow-up.


I'd recommend you consider the pros and cons of allowing effectively "anonymous" submissions (particularly once Adobe Admin Console and/or any SSO that uses Two Factor Authentication is involved), and/or connecting with your Adobe Worfkront Sales Rep to ensure your approach complies with your licensing agreement.





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Hi there,


Do you know the potential users that would be using the queue? You could set them up as an external user license (free) under a Company you create for this, and provide access to anyone in that company. Article on that here - https://experienceleague.adobe.com/en/docs/workfront/using/manage-work/requests/create-and-manage-re... 

But if you're not sure who exactly could submit a request, not sure best way to go about that. You can give access to anyone with view access on the project/queue, associated with a certain company, or associated with a certain group. The first two are possible only if you know who could submit so that you can set them up accordingly. 

If this helped you, please mark correct to help others : )