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Is there a way to bulk swap assignments from one user to another across multiple projects?


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We're struggling with updating assignments on a large scale, swapping one assignee to another without hour repercussions. We're very familiar how to swap assignments in the scheduler, but if you bulk edit tasks from a report, remove one person and add another, it adds the new person with 0 hours instead of replacing that person. Is there another way to do this? Going into each project they're on to use the scheduler would be WAY too tedious. Thanks in advance for any help!


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Hi - you can use the Global Scheduler and Swap tool. The only downside is that you have to 1) select the projects (so you need to know which projects the person was on), and 2) you have to be in the Resource Manager field of the projects.

Now, luckily you can do a project report to see what projects they are on and then bulk edit those so you are the Resource Manager. Then you can use the global scheduler and action tool.

For your project report, you can use this EXIST filter, just swap out $$USER.ID for the ID of the employee you want to remove.