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Interactions Between Task Cost Type, User Cost Per Hour, and Job Roles


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If I set the Cost Type of a task to be Role Hourly but the Job Role has a blank for the Cost/Hr, does Workfront calculate the task's actual cost based on the Cost Per Hour of the user who logged hours, or does it take the cost to be $0?

More broadly, how does the user's Cost Per Hour interact with the task's actual cost if the Cost Type is set to Role Hourly?

My scenario is that I want all actual costs to be based on the user's Cost Per Hour (set up on the User page per user) for all hourly folks. However, I have some folks working for me that will be paid a flat fee for completing large chunks of work (as opposed to being paid hourly). I created Joh Roles for hourly folks with a blank in the Cost/Hr and I additionally created Job Roles for the flat fee folks with $0 set as their Cost/Hr. My hope is that Workfront will see the blank in the Cost/Hr of the Job Role on a task that is set to Role Hourly for the Cost Type and that it will default to the user's Cost Per Hour when calculating the actual cost. But for flat fee folks, it will see $0 and charge $0 for the actual cost. Then, for their flat fees, I have those documented in the project separately as an Expense so that it can be handled that way. All costs are part of the project in the end, but this just allows me to have more control over who is paid what according to the actual cost of the task/project.


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