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I have a project with all tasks marked 100%, no open tasks or requests or tasks requiring approval. When I try to change the project status from current to complete I get an error that a project cannot be complete with open tasks or requests. Please help.


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Hi - if you change your filter to "incomplete tasks" you will be able see which task is the issue. There could be a few things going on so not sure exactly, but that has helped me in the past. :)

If it was a request, you would see it in Open Issues, so my guess is that it is a task that might be 100% complete but the status didn't change.


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Hi Nakea,

That's definitely a frustrating one. Couple other things you can check -

  1. Is the project itself pending approval for some reason? Sometimes an approval process route gets assigned by mistake during setup.
  2. Is any time pending approval?
  3. Are any billing records on the project?
  4. Are the tasks truly Complete, or Complete; Pending Approval? That can be hard to see sometimes if you only have the % complete visible in your standard Views.

After that, try telling the project to Recalculate Timeline, sometimes that works. At that point, I'm out of tricks and Support might need to take a look at it with you.



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Hi @Nakea Fuller‚

It seems all tip has been already commented, but I also agree that it is hard to pin point what is remained to close before closing the project. May be Workfront can give a pin pointed reason to find the cause easily.




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Had this issue today with an open project. It was showing 100%, no requests, but still getting the Job cannot be marked Completed if there are open requests and tasks that are not complete message. Frustratingly one task was not yet completed yet the project showed 100%. Was looking all over the place until I finally saw that.