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How to create a report that shows all projects that at one point had a particular status


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I'm trying to build a report in Workfront that shows all projects in a certain time period that had a certain project status at any point in the lifecycle (both active and complete projects). We have a custom project status "missing information" and I would like to show all project that have had this status in the last 3 weeks. Is that possible? I was thinking maybe if I was able to filter by the workfront update that states "X person has changed the status to _____"


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Currently, you can't report on the Workfront updates, but you'll be able to starting in mid-march using a new report type called a journal entry report! (see here for more details: https://one.workfront.com/s/feed/0D54X00006M1iu3SAB)

Then, as long as you tell your custom field to record in the updates feed, you'll be able to build this kind of report.


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We had a similar ask this morning - has a particular custom status ("Briefed") been used this year? A simple project report looking for the status won't suffice, because there are no projects *currently* in the status being examined doesn't mean people don't use it.

Decided to go with a Note Report, using a filter "show me any project updates in which this particular status is mentioned, and the update was generated by the system." And, using a view to show a link to the project name or any other project attributes. It will show multiple rows per project, so I suggest grouping by project to get a project count. This will also inform you how many times a project falls in or out of that status.

This is the text mode I use for the "Status Changes" column:

displayname=Status Changes








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Hi William - one thing, I would not recommend filtering by Audit Type by just status change. If they changed something and also the status, it is "combined entry". So you might be missing some updates. On my note reports, I just use the Audit Text contains filter.


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Good call Anthony. Going to update my Briefed report now!

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