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How to change the ID number to name in assignment report (within text mode)?


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How to change the ID number to name in assignment report (within text mode)?

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1) Add the ID field to your report (like adding the ProgramID to the Hours report);

2) Click SWITCH TO TEXT MODE (right corner of the screen);

3) Everywhere it says ID, change it to ":name" (change project:programID to project:program:name)

4) Save+close, viola! it works.

Send me what you're trying to change and I can send more details.



Level 2

Thank you for the text id help, Lucas!

I am trying to create a report with the following fields to display video status but I can't find the "Assign to" field in the column fields. I chose "project report" . do you have any suggestion?

Video project title, project owner, who are assigned to the projects - pull from tasks (designer name) , start date, completion date.


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Please consider the following. It took less than five minutes to produce this:

1) I created an Assignment report, since that is the only place you’ll see the work assigned to individuals. You’ve probably learned that if you create a task report, you’ll only get the information for the task owner, not everyone assigned to the task.

2) I added the project name (built in attribute);

3) I added the Project Owner

a. I added Project Owner ID;

b. I went to text mode;

c. I changed ID to :name;

d. Here is the resulting text mode code to get the project owner name:

displayname=Project Owner









e. I added the planned start and completion dates (built in attributes). You could add the actual dates too;

f. I added a filter to look at approved projects;


When you run it, it looks like this (below).

If the user name field is blank, that is where a role was assigned, but not to a user as yet. That is not an error.


Is this what you’re looking for? I wasn’t sure if you wanted to filter the assignments down to a specific role (just designers, for example).

I wish there was a way to send you the report directly ‚Äì I’m working on that‚Ķ


Level 6

Hi Eric

I really appreciate your help with this. It’s still not quite what we want, I guess we’re hoping not to settle for anything less than what we have. ‚ò∫

I’ve emailed Jason Webre‚Ķ‚Ķ fingers crossed!


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Hi Eric! You nailed it and thank you so much!

I have one silly question, but figure I would ask. I know the project name view is showing all tasks under that project, but is there a way I could only show the project name once but include all the names who are assigned to in "Assigned to " column? Maybe there is another way of grouping i am not sure how.

see my attached report and the project names are showing 4 times which I know why because there are 4 people got assigned to. Thanks so much!


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I would just add a 2nd grouping by Project Name.


Level 10
I agree with Adina. You could group by project name. You could also remove Project Name from the detailed report and just leave it in the grouping. That makes for a neater, more visually compact report. Eric


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Hi Adina, I don't think I could add Project name in the grouping field. The choices are


Assigned by

Assigned to

Job role



Level 8
I just tried it, and you're right, Project Name is not listed on the grouping page. Try clicking on the Project: Name column when you're on the grouping tab, and it will add the grouping (it will just show a >>, but it works):


Level 2
That's great! I think this will work. Thank you for all your help, Eric and Adina! I learned a few new tricks now. This is a great knowledge resource!


Level 7
I think this is also close to the report I want, but I can't see what filter you applied. The image isn't appearing. Can you share again? I don't want multiple task assignments showing. I just want the project name to show along with who is assigned on the project. Leah Janz Metro Transit