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How can you automatically assign a group/subgroup to a project based on the project owner?


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Within the Marketing team, we have several different teams that handle different types of materials - Advertising team, Member team, etc. I report on each teams stats from a monthly, quarterly and yearly perspective. There are some instances when someone from the Member team moves to the Advertising team and that messes with the reports because the reports are filtered by Project Owner.

Ex: Jane moved from the Member team to the Advertising team on 8/17. When I move her to the Advertising team, all the Advertising reports will include the projects Jane completed when she was on the Member team as well and they will not show up on the Member report.

I figured the best way to prevent this issue would be to assign each project to a subgroup based on the owner. But I am struggling to find a way to have the subgroup automatically added to the project based on the owner of the project. All the teams share the same templates so I wouldn't be able to use that option. I know there would be pushback from the people creating the project and they would likely not add the subgroup which would mess up the reporting even more.

My current thought is for me to manually add the subgroup to all projects created in the month based on the Owner using filters and reports to make it more of a smooth process but wanted to see if there are any thoughts on getting the subgroup automatically added or anything else to help eliminate the manual work?


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Hi Maura,

You are able to create a default project sharing rule via your access level settings. This would enable projects to automatically be shared with the project owners team, manager, group etc. when the project is first created.

If you go into edit the relevant access level and click into 'edit' for projects, you have the ability to create default sharing rule(s)


From here you can then configure the settings so that whenever a project is first created by someone with that access level, it will automatically be shared with the owners home group or all of their groups:


Please note that this will only work for new projects created, It wont work on projects already created.

Hope this helps!

Best Regards,