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How can we add people to a project after Resource Scheduling is deprecated?


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I want to promote two ideas in the Innovation Lab to create an Add Users button.  @jon_chen could you please merge these ideas?  




We're starting to get popups about Resource Scheduling being deprecated in October with the 22.4 release.  


We use the Scheduling tool to add team members to projects. Sometimes we have two people of the same job role on the project.  Other times we need to add stakeholders.  Workload Balancer doesn't account for these situations.  


Ever since Scheduling got hidden behind Workload Balancer, I have had everyone from engineers to our COO complaining to me about how difficult it is to add people to projects.  This will become even worse once Scheduling is taken away.  The only idea I have is to create dummy tasks to assign people to, which is not a good user experience.  


I reached out to our sales rep to complain about this months ago when I first learned it was going to be deprecated.  She put me in touch with one of the Product Managers, who told me they had no plans to replace the Add Users button.  Please upvote the ideas if it will affect your company also.  

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I have a helpdesk case from Oct 2021 where I was told that this feature WOULD be added, so to see that they've revised the roadmap is a bit disappointing.