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Parent Child tasks - Indents not showing


Level 2


I am fairly new to WF so still trying to navigate through all the tutorials etc

I have started created tasks, however I do not have the Indent/un-indent icon doesn't exist and when I right click on a task it doesn't show up there either. I have been set up as a System Administrator however, this has been racking my brain as to why I cant indent/unindent my tasks.

I can see my subtasks when I click on the parent task > then click on sub tasks. But it would be great to see the highlighted parent task/milestone and the indented child tasks.


Any suggestions would be great!

Thank you all.

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Level 2



Is it possible to check that all the Tasks are still in order by clicking into the grey column header above tasks with a hash mark & arrow? Clicking in here restores the correct order which can get mixed up when you are setting up & moving tasks about.


Another area to check is if you have a Filter, View or Grouping in use as this can also prevent the parent/child tasks displaying as expected and removes the options to indent when you right click etc


Hope this helps!


Level 6

Be sure that your task list is showing in numerical order, otherwise you can't see the indents.


Level 5

Came here to second Stacey's note. Fought this for a bit with some task reports when I first started. 


Level 1

I discovered that the indent/outdent icon appeared once I took it out of Planning status.