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Help with creating a Report to pull in the last Project Update that contains specific words.


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I am trying to find the best way to have a report that leadership and project managers can look at that will show our projects in a certain status (Similar to on hold) and also have a column that can have a status/note in there from the PM so everyone knows what is going on with the project. I dont want to use a custom form as I want the historical data and this could be updated multiple times during the project live span, and the last update won't work as other things could be happening on the updates page. My thought was to create a notes report and look for that last update that contains specific words and have the PM use those to start these kind of updates. Not finalized the wording but something like "PM Status Update:" and then they would add in what the status is. 


Does anyone know if this is possible or have a better suggestion to accomplish this?


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You can create a Note Report that filters for Note > Note Text > Contains > PM Status Update and then group the results by Project Name, however, that will pull in all PM Status Updates, not necessarily just the last one. 

I know you mentioned you didn't want to go the route of a custom field because you wanted historical information to be kept, but this would be an add-on. PM Status Updates can still be added to the updates area so you have the full history, but when you want to share the report out with leadership/management, you can type in an update that potentially combines multiple updates, summarizes what has been shared, adds to, offers more detail, etc.