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Adding a required field to an in-use Custom Form


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Hi All!


We have a custom form that is attached to all projects (it's all of our basic intake info). There are a few fields that we'd like to add - they would be *Required* fields. Will users be prompted to answer the new mandatory fields? If so, how? If not, is there a way to prompt users to do it? Or is there a more efficient way to approach it?


Really appreciate any insight.





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Hi @JanePLeadbeater,


Any new parameters you add to your basic intake info project form will go in as Null (unless you provide a default value, e.g. on a dropdown).


They will then be visible to end users (unless you put them within a special Parameter Section and restrict the View or Edit access to only certain users), and/or hide them (even if required) using display logic that then prevents them from being shown.


The next time end users attempt to save, any such new parameter that is both visible and required MUST be then provided in order for the save to complete.





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If your question is, "Will users who have filled out previous forms now be prompted to go back and fill out the new additional field?" the answer is no.

While technically by adding a new field to a custom form you are adding it to any project which had the custom form - the users have already completed the form - they will need to be instructed to go into the corresponding projects manually and manually add the new information.

I'm imagining a scenario where I update a legacy custom form and the system wants me to go and update thousands of prior projects - that would be not ideal.


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To add on to what has already been mentioned, there is no way for "force" users to who have already filled out the custom form to go back and fill out the new, required fields. There will have to be some enablement and communication from you/your team to ensure this information is captured on historical projects. 

I'd recommend building a project report that has the name of the project in one column and all new required custom fields as columns and share that report out with appropriate users. Users will be able to in-line edit those fields without having to go into each project separately, and you can utilize column rules/conditional formatting to highlight any blank areas to ensure that everything is filled in.