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Field limit in custom form


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A prompt appears when the count of fields in a custom form exceeds 100 but the documentation says the limit is 500. We're weighing out the alternatives between more smaller forms and fewer large forms to be used in a request queue. Has anybody gone beyond the 100 count of fields in a form? Interested in the performance experience during intake and any other subsequent impacts.

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At my previous company, we went well beyond a 100 fields on a form with a lot of logic built in and didn't have any issues with performance of it.


There are 2 impacts I can think of 1) It can become a maintenance nightmare. The more complicated the form, the harder it is to edit if needed down the line. 2) Users don't like having to fill out long forms. The more concise the form can be is better for end user experience.

Kellie Gardner


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I think if you haven't already (and are able to) I would make sure the form is multi-object so just need to edit one form. For me the trouble was always making sure the two or three forms always matched. And sometimes a long form is better than asking a user to fill out multiple forms. 


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I agree with Kellie and Morgan. I consolidated about 20 forms into one form with lot's of logic built in. As long as you keep it super organised, it's not difficult to maintain.

We used to have separate intake forms for every type of deliverable (video, print, digital, etc.) but now I have a dropdown for deliverable, and when selected the correct intake/spec section displays… it's SO much easier now for users as well as admins. One Project Form for every use.


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These are all good suggestions. 


There is another approach that could be useful, depending on your workflow and system setup. Leverage Topic Groups and Queue Topics in you Request Queue Project. It can provide an opportunity to show one request form on the front end to users while managing and breaking out multiple smaller forms on the back end. 


To learn more, read this article on Experience League. Create Topic Groups


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I agree with everyone’s responses and wanted to echo that the more you can have 1 form using logic and queue topics appropriately the better. Making it multi-object also another good best practice to set yourself up for easier maintenance. I’ve had a fork well over 100 fields but didn’t even get close to 500, so the limit isn’t an issue and does not impact performance. 

Field logic is your friend here. And make sure you’re not asking questions you truly don’t need.