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Duplicated tasks not copying the predecessors


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Dear community,


I would like to report the following - when duplicating tasks in Workfront, predecessors are not being copied. In other words, a user has to add predecessors to duplicated tasks again which requires additional manual work and reduces the quality and purpose of the "duplicate task" functionality. Would it be possible to improve this functionality so clients can reduce the manual work and make the best out of Workfront?


Looking forward to positive outcome of this request and appreciating your time in advance.


Best regards,


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You could try copying the task instead of duplicating. When you copy the task you are able to choose what information is copied over, including predecessor relationships.


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I think this request makes a lot of sense because of the terminology.

  • "Duplicate" means that you want to duplicate the task within the designated project.
  • When you want to select "Copy to..." option then you expect to copy the existing task to another project.
  • When you want to select "Move to..." option, then you expect to move the existing task entirely to another project.

With the existing terminology, the expectations are not matched because it's not intuitive to the user.