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Display Request/Project Details within Task Details


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Our current workflow is to intake submissions from a request form > convert to a project (using a template with corresponding project form) so that the Request Details carry over to the Project Details.

Our creative team is clicking the link from the email notification of the task they are assigned to, which brings them to the Task level and are finding it annoying to then have to navigate to the Project level to take a look at the Project Details - and are requesting to have those details included within the task.

I tried creating a "Task" version of our form as well, but it doesn't seem to carry over to Task Details when converting from Request to Project - I think that would only work if converting from Request to Task.

Any suggestions on how other teams handle this or is there an easy workaround for this that I am not thinking of?

Thanks in advance :)


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For workarounds, how would it go if you trained the user to click on the project name link in the email notification, instead of the task name link?


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I'm not sure about 'easy' workarounds, but we have similar situations in our environment. The data needs to be recorded at the Project level for one reason or another, but also on the Task for simplicity sake. In those situations, we started using calculated fields on the Task level forms to reference the Project-level details. It's not a perfect solution, especially if the Task-level data needs to be updatable rather than just displayed as information.

If your team are used to looking at Task dashboards, you could alter the View to contain the Project level details they need as another option.

The other option is Fusion, which we now use instead of the calculated fields in many places. There I can have the submitted form send data to any field on any form I want as the project is created. Obviously not an option for everyone though.


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Thank you Katherine! I will test out the calculated fields option!