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Did anyone else notice that Workfront deemed this issue as "trivial"?


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Yeah, I kind laughed in frustration when I saw that one. :-/

It's like Adobe hasn't interacted with real human beings in a while. "Trivial" has connotations that are a little dismissive, like saying "no big deal."

Event subscriptions API and Jira integrations don't affect us, but if they did, I'd find someone calling the problem "trivial" a little insulting or dismissive.

Why not just stick to the usual litany of Low, Medium, High, Urgent, Critical? The problem is, no customer ever wants to hear "Low" or even "Medium" when it's their key integration that is down.

It would likely be better to take the severity completely off and just be more honest and verbose in the Impact Update. "This only affects a small number of customers, but we are working diligently to resolve the issue."

And they are inconsitent: this issue rates Trivial, but the issue with the unnecessary "We're moving from Classic to NWE" that completely blocked access to WF Proof never even had it's own issue annoucement—which to me means it didn't even rate "trivial" despite really being a big, messy sort of "urgent."


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Totally agree, @Kevin Quosig‚ ! It would be nice to see Adobe be more consistent and proactive in their status communications. It is disappointing to be told to just put in a ticket and watch the community when there are widespread issues like the Classic pop-up.


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With all the problems and bugs lately, are you really surprised that they're tone deaf and out of touch?