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Dashboards for Creative Directors


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Hi everyone - We are in the process of doing 1:1 check-ins with each member of our team in Workfront (60+ licenses users) where we are reviewing their Home Page, notifications and any pressure points. I am struggling with setting up the Home Page for my Creative/Graphics Director. Any suggestions for a dashboard where she can see proofs that she is assigned to as a Reviewer, Proofs she is assigned to as an Approver and then proofs she has out for review. We are struggling to get those assigned to her as a reviewer to appear. Any thoughts or suggestions for how you have set this up is welcome. 

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Hi there, proof/proof approval reports using $$USER.ID are your friend here. You can have a dashboard that anyone who creates/reviews/approves proofs can use and set the same dashboard for all of these users for their homepage ($$USER.ID wildcard is key here, so you can use it for multiple users instead of something specific to each person). Your dash can have these reports, based on your question:
1. Proofs out for review: I have a dashboard for some PMs that includes a proof approval report where they can keep track of the proofs they've created that are out for review. Filters below, the last one you'd have $$USER.ID, not a name:


2. Proofs pending [my] approval: I have a workflow template in my filters but you could replace that with a $$USER.ID approver name filter.


3. Proofs for reviewers: This is something not yet available, from what I know. There are a few Ideas to upvote that I'm going to ask to be consolidated. Please vote! https://experienceleaguecommunities.adobe.com/t5/workfront-ideas/report-showing-pending-proofs-for-r... 



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I agree, if you want to show proofs where this person is assigned as a Reviewer only, you will need to switch your process to use the new beta Document Approvals rather than proof approvals, and then use the Workfront new Home (workspace) functionality. Right now, the "Awaiting my Approval" widget is the only thing that will show assignments to a reviewer.