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Customise Request Page


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I am wondering if anyone has been able to succesfully change the views or customise the Requests page.

I have added a picture below of the screen I am referring to as we would really like to be able to add Reference Number to this view. I know there is the summary tab now to view things that way but having a view of it at a glance would be very useful. 
Any thoughts?

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I have often been annoyed by the fact that this view cannot be adjusted in the same way as the other object views. What you could do as a workaround, so to speak, would be to solve the whole thing via a report. To do this, you use a "problem report", but you have to adapt it completely to your needs.


Afterwards you could put the report onto a new dashboard and attach this to the left menu under "Requests".




Community Advisor

It’s unfortunately not a view able to be customized. I’d just create an issue report to capture what you need and show the columns you want. If you want others to always have access you can add it in a dashboard and apply this dashboard to your layout templates needed on the requests page for the report to be there all the time to use instead of an actual view.

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The example provided has requests with haphazard names, is it possible to include your internal reference number into the title of the request thereby providing the necessary info without the extra work of having to create new reports?


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I've been asking them to allow admins to remove this report for a while now. It's totally useless to us.