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Custom Form for Project and Issue - customizing a field to only appear on the project version


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In the past we always had separate (almost duplicate) forms for projects and issues but now that you can set up custom forms for multiple objects, is there a way for an individual field to only appear on one of those objects?  For example, we have fields that the requester doesn't need to fill in that get filled later on when the project is created.  I'm not seeing any way to turn those fields off on the issue custom form but have them still appear on the project custom form (when it is set up as a combined form). I know one work around is to either create the forms as we did in the past or attach multiple custom forms to the project, I was hoping it might be something I'm missing now that a single form can be set up for multiple objects.

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if your form layout allows for it, I'd put all the project fields in their own section on both forms, e.g. have an "Office Use Only - do not fill out in the request" type of section. The requesters will still see the fields unless you're able to somehow restrict access but at least this way you can prevent them from filling this out and then just coach your project people.


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Hi Stacey,


Following Skye's thought process, you could group all of the project fields together under a section break as she suggested. Then using the 'Grant Access' settings of the section break field, restrict visibility to view and edit the fields to people with EDIT access only.


Since requesters generally only have contribute (i.e.,limited edit) access to requests, this would mean that they would not be able to see any of the fields within that section of the form.


Since the people creating the project need to fill in the fields, they will have full manage (Edit) access to the project, and therefore would be able to see and fill in those fields.


Couple of considerations here:


  1. Only people with manage rights to the project would be able to see and edit those fields
  2. Only people with manage rights to the project would be able to see and edit the values of those fields in any reports you build (unless you set the report to run with the rights of a user who does have manage rights).

Hope that helps!


Best Regards,