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Get rid of old abandonded Proofs without deleting the document?


Level 10

We have a LOT of old, abandoned Proofs. I'm looking for a way to get rid of them, cancel the request, etc. without actually deleting the document. The only way I know is to log in as the requestor and cancel the request, but doing that for a couple hundred proofs just isn't a good use of time.

The clutter is incessantly poking at my OCD.


Any other ideas?

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Level 6

It doesn't fix the problem that there are a lot of them but we share the proof with our Workfront Admin profile and use that to cancel the proof.  We do it once a week with any proofs that are over 90 days old.  It's usually not too bad once you get caught up but initially it's very time consuming.  We looked at a way to do it in Fusion but there really wasn't a good way. We do use fusion to cancel the task once the proof decision is made.