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Count Number of Issues with specific words


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I am trying to add a column to a project report to calculate the number of issues on the project that contain the words Change Order.  So far, I can't get anything to return.  Any thoughts on where I'm going wrong with this?


valueexpression=SUM(IF(CONTAINS('Change Order',{OPTASK}.{name})=true))

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this looks like you are trying to do it from a project report? If so, this won't work at all.

(read this link for more info https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/workfront/using/reporting/reports/text-mode/reference-collec... )


If you're trying to do it from an issue report, then you don't need to say "optask" (this ALSO isn't actually the object name you would use, by the way, but since you're in an issue report, it's simply not needed)




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You don't even need text mode for this. Create an Issue report instead and filter to project name equals XYZ and issue name contains change order. Or if that is across many projects and you want to see issue names containing change order in any project, remove the project name filter.

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You cannot SUM values in a collection (issues are a collection of projects) so like a few customers mentioned below, you can either create an issue report that filters for this specific project, or use text mode to generate a list of all issues that contain the word, Change Change, and manually count.