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Cookbook recipe highlight: Open Tasks by Assignment



Now that the cookbook is launched, I'll be highlighting each of the recipes in the cookbook one-by-one. Starting us off today, one of the ten recipes in the Adobe Workfront Customer Reporting Cookbook, “Open Tasks by Assignment” submitted by @Kathy McLaughlin‚ from the Mayo Clinic, shows all new and open tasks for a specific user. This is a great report for Project Owners to use when people change roles and you need to reassign a lot of tasks. Find it on page 3 of the cookbook!


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I really liked seeing Workfront's suggestion to use "isComplete" as a field option -- it's one that I often don't remember as an alternative. I'd love to see other people's suggestions on how else to improve on these recipes, whether by using substitute ingredients, or where to find the perfect parsley for a garnish, or when kumquats ARE in season.

My contribution:

  • Use formatting to indicate whether task | Can Start = true. Our group is waterfall (dependent on predecessors) and we won't start anything before its predecessor is completed. A few quick ways of doing this is highlighting whether or not something is ready to start, but for high volume shops that work on FIFO principles, I'd also recommend setting up a column for the Handoff Date + time and sorting by that to cut down on arguments of who's on first.
  • Leave out projects that don't have a desirable status (add this ingredient to your filters). Potentially none of us care about tasks in projects that are canceled. Occasionally some of us also don't care about projects that are On Hold (or if we do, we'd like to know the projects are on hold).



Thank you for sharing your tips, Skye! This is super interesting! I know there are always so many ways to go about building reports, finding kumquats, or even deciding what report to build!

I hadn't thought about the status filter, but that's so true, for me, especially those On Hold (relates closely to the handoff date and not working on something until it's ready for those of us in the more waterfall world of work!)