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Combine Columns but Fields Remain Editable?


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I have a report for our Trade Show group, which has more than two dozen columns. They prefer using this project report directly rather than using the custom form to enter all their data points: dates, costs, notes, next steps, etc. It replicates an Excel sheet they used to use offline.

The problem is that even on a 2560px wide screen, you have to scroll to use it! And that was in the office; I suspect not everyone has displays this wide at home (1920 seems more typical for our laptop screens).

This report would be perfect for combining columns for a "stacked" view per row/project. However, to date I've noticed my reports using combined column tricks result in uneditable fields.

Is there a way to combine columns, add HTML (to make a subhead like "BOOTH #:" and "BOOTH SIZE:" shared in a column), and yet still leave the data editable in-line?


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Negative, Kevin.

As Designed, if you combine columns (and/or use valueexpression), Workfront removes the "editable" nature of the data.

Staying within what's available in Workfront / browsers / monitors, a few options to consider are:

  • scroll right/left using the scrollbar (which can get tedious, as pointer and eye have to keep moving)
  • scroll right/left by clicking into a row and then using left/right arrow keys (better, and might suffice)
  • zoom out/in on your browser to "see more" (e.g. clicking Ctrl [-]/Ctrl [+]...subject to readability)
  • use this situation to justify larger / additional monitors (true story...and it worked!)
  • create logically-related columns of "chunked" views of the wide view and train users how to flip between "wide", "chunk 1", "chunk 2" etc. (my recommended solution)

You can also use the latter concept and combine it with separate reports in a dashboard to show the Switchback Workflow progression of your Projects, which adds an insightful dimension.




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Thanks Doug. I suspected as much (that it's not possible), but figured I'd try. 😁


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Hey @Kevin Quosig‚,

I've recorded a short video for the WFPro Live Archives. In summary, you can't do this, but you can create a view that gives users the ability. It's an approach I think works well. Let me know if you have questions.



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Excellent illustration, Narayan – thanks for sharing! Regards, Doug


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Hello @NRYN R - inactive‚ ! (how do I find your video in archives?)

this post came up from a search I just did...I am also trying to duplicate an excel spreadsheet. BUT .....they don't really have a problem scrolling L/R to reach field....They do want a report that will group the sep columns by the answers.

I have 4 columns for each of 4 custom form fields - the dropdowns are labeled differently but share the same options.

Is there a way to group by the answer? so, for example projects last week, if answer in any of the 4 columns=ABCD. then all the ABCD answers are grouped. There's like 14 choices in dropdown.....these were represented by tabs in excel so grouping is only way I can think of....?


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Report Prompt filters may work for this.