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Kickstart File setRoleIDs field limit?


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Is there a limit on the number of job role IDs that can be included in the setRoleIDs field? Our integration requires that each person have 12 roles but when I try to import users with all 12 role IDs I get an error. It allowed me to upload with two but not 12. What is the limit here?

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Interesting. There is technically no limit to the number of job roles a user can have:
"A user can have multiple job roles in Workfront. Job roles are essential in resource management. There is no limit for how many job roles a user can fulfill. However, we recommend to not assign one user to an excessively large number of job roles, because resource management might become too complex for these users." - here
Are any of the job roles you're trying to include actually deactivated roles? Maybe throwing an error if you're using inactive roles...

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